British, Israeli intelligence agencies smuggled Iranian nuclear scientist to the UK

As part of the West’s ongoing efforts to undermine Iran’s nuclear weapons program, elements of Israeli and British spy agencies Mossad and MI6, respectively, have reportedly smuggled a top Iranian nuclear scientist out of the country to the United Kingdom.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, the scientist, a 47-year-old who was not identified, was also allegedly involved in the assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan in Tehran in 2012, one of four Iranian nuclear scientists killed in recent years.

The paper said the unnamed scientist first made it to Turkey under a plan drawn up in October, using the migrant crisis as cover, then traveled via inflatable boat alongside other Iranian migrants to the UK.

The BBC noted further that the influx of Iranian migrants to the United Kingdom increased recently following a decision by Serbia’s government to accept Iranian tourists without them having to apply for a visa.

The deal was meant to increase both trade and tourism between Serbia and Iran but has also enabled some Iranians to escape the repressive regime in Tehran through Europe.

“It was determined infiltrating him into a group of fellow migrants preparing to cross the Channel by boat offered one solution,” a British secret service official told The Daily Mail. 

After reaching the UK, the Iranian scientist was interrogated by MI6 regarding the current status of Iran’s nuclear program. From there, he was flown to the United States, likely for further questioning.

The scientist reportedly assisted in the assassination of Roshan; the Israeli Mossad has long been suspected of carrying out the assassination, however.

The J-Post noted further that Tel Aviv has been long thought be behind a secret operation to persuade Iranian scientists into abandoning their country’s nuclear program mostly by eliminating those deemed most valuable, though Israel has never confirmed or denied the claims.

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