At Great Power War, we cover the latest news and developments involving the world’s great and regional powers including information about war indicators, geopolitical developments, new weapons, intelligence, foreign policy, diplomacy, and actual war.

But we’re not just a news site. We’re much more than that.

We also provide in-depth analysis following each report so that you’re not only informed about what’s happening, you know why it’s happening and what it all means in the great scheme of things.

Anyone can report military and foreign policy-related news. We go beyond the news to explain each story’s impact on regional and global security in a way few others can or do. That’s what makes us different.

Don’t just read about military, geopolitical, and foreign policy developments involving the great powers. Understand them and why they matter.

That makes for complete reporting.


About the editor:

Jon Dougherty has 30 years’ worth of experience as a journalist, political analyst, and national and domestic security policy researcher. He has a BA in Political Science, an MA in National Security Studies and Intelligence Analysis, and spent 15 years in the military with overseas deployments to Japan and Afghanistan. He is also the author of the 2003 book “Illegals.”

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