Top Flying Aces of World War I – 4

D’Urban Victor Armstrong

Capt. D’Urban Victor Armstrong was born in 1897 in Natal, South Africa, but he flew for the British and was credited with five victories during the war, making him an ace.

He joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1915 and was assigned to No. 60 Squadron in 1916. He scored his first kill while with the squadron on 9 November 1916. He was then posted to No. 44 Squadron on home defense duty, but that’s not where he remained.

In 1917 he was transferred to No. 78 Squadron to become a flight leader. His final assignment was with No. 151 Squadron.

Armstrong scored one of the first night fighter victories in aerial warfare, as the No. 151 Squadron was one of the earliest assigned the night-fighter mission. He was credited with four nighttime victories between 29 June and 17 September 2018, including a Gotha G heavy bomber on 24 August.

Two days after the war ended, Armstrong was killed during a flying accident while flying aerobatics in his Sopwith Camel, a version of which is pictured above.


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